Friday, October 15, 2010

Former 7th CD Rep. Bob Beauprez Backs Ryan Frazier, Declares Perlmutter Corrupt

More evidence Washington has changed Ed Perlmutter

Aurora, CO – Ryan Frazier, candidate for the 7th Congressional District, today announced the endorsement of former 7th Congressional District Rep. Bob Beauprez. Beauprez honorably served in the seat for 4 years before running for governor.

Incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s (D-Golden) desperate campaign has consistently tried to use Beauprez’s comments in the primary election against Frazier, rather than defend a 98.3% voting record with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones,” Beauprez said. “Ed Perlmutter voted for a health care bill a majority of people didn't want, a stimulus that didn't work, bailouts to companies that padded his own campaign funds, and he inserted a sweetheart deal into legislation that benefited a bank in which he owns stock.”

Beauprez is referring to a Washington Times article that reported Perlmutter’s abuse of Congressional power to sneak in an amendment to the Cap-and-Trade bill that would’ve benefited a large bank which he partially owns.

“Perlmutter is not only wrong, he's corrupt,” Beauprez concluded. “That's why I'm supporting Ryan Frazier – someone who actually knows what the people of the 7th District want and need."