Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colorado Business Leaders Urge Bennet To End Silence On EFCA

Job Losses, Damage To Struggling Economy Cited As Key Problems

Denver, CO (October 6, 2010) – Citing likely job losses and a deepening of economic troubles if job-killing legislation passes, a coalition of key Colorado business organizations today publicly urged Senator Michael Bennet to end his more than 18 months of silence on the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA).
In a letter to Bennet, the group – including Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry, Associated Builders and Contractors – Rocky Mountain Chapter, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance, Colorado Contractors Association, Colorado National Federation of Independent Business, Metro North Chamber of Commerce and others – said the provisions of EFCA would deal a body blow to any economic recovery, severely damage vital industries, cost jobs and hurt Colorado families.

“As the clock ticks toward the final stages of this year’s campaign, and toward the day when early voting begins, we believe that it is imperative that Coloradans know where you stand on EFCA,” the group wrote. “Your position on this issue informs how you would represent business and individual workers over the next six years in the U.S. Senate.”

The group also cited Colorado’s longstanding tradition of balance between business and organized labor that has served the state and its economy well for decades. EFCA would upend that balance, tipping the scales sharply toward Big Labor bosses producing lost jobs and increased unemployment.

The Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act would allow for card check signature campaigns that would force workers to state their views about unionization in public, opening them up to pressure and coercion from organizers in the workplace. The bill would benefit union bosses by creating a binding arbitration process run by government bureaucrats that would determine the terms of a contract without approval from employees or employers. The burdens and liabilities that EFCA would place on small businesses would force many to close their doors or move overseas
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