Friday, October 15, 2010

Bennet Ducks Issues at Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Debate

Sen. Bennet, “what are you talking about?”

DENVER—The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce hosted Senate candidates Ken Buck and Sen. Michael Bennet for their fourth debate. The organization invited the candidates to talk about specifics, but Bennet decided to continue his smear and run campaign.

At one point, the moderator even asked Sen. Bennet, “What are you talking about?”

“Colorado’s been asking that for since Bennet was appointed,” said John Swartout, Ken Buck’s campaign manager. "Michael Bennet avoided issue after issue. Coloradans expect their Senator to provide answers.”

When asked if he would introduce a public option for health care, Bennet avoided the question, citing politics as his reason—

“15 days before the election, I don’t know.”

“Coloradans deserve to know where their Senator stands on the important issues facing our country,” added Swartout. “Ken Buck proved himself to be the only candidate who can meet the challenges facing Colorado’s business.”