Saturday, September 18, 2010

Will Ryan Frazier Join Dog the Bounty Hunter? Frazier Endorsement Watch: Tancredo? or still Maes and Confused?

Perlmutter AGAIN calls for Frazier to Say Who He Supports for Governor

Golden, CO – As the Denver Post reports, every day more and more state Republicans are coming out in support of Tom Tancredo for Governor.

Even Dog the Bounty Hunter is on board with Tancredo. But Ryan Frazier continues to stall and delay on who he is supporting.

Frazier has a history of failing to be open and honest about who he supports. In 2008, he refused to come out in support of John McCain for President, and now he won’t reveal his choice for the leader of the State.

Frazier has talked with supporters about the need to be open and accountable to the people sending him to office. The choice for the leader of this state is a choice Coloradans are being asked to make, so why won’t Frazier be open about who he is supporting?

The hardworking people of Colorado’s 7th CD deserve more than just slick soundbites and someone who Tom Tancredo says wants to “simply BE the elected official.”

Frazier’s inability to make a decision is further evidence of why Bob Beauprez and Paul Tauer have serious concerns about Frazier’s ability to be trusted to represent the 7th CD and why Beauprez told the Denver Post that Ryan Frazier “Ought to be fired, not promoted.”