Friday, September 3, 2010

Statement of Tom Tancredo, Independent Candidate for Governor of Colorado

“Today the Secretary of State will certify the November ballot with Dan Maes as the Republican candidate for Governor. Five weeks ago I told Republicans that Mr. Maes was both professionally and personally unqualified to be their candidate. I gave them several opportunities to get him out, even offering them my candidacy as an inducement.

The time for inter-party squabbling is over. Now we must all move forward—for the sake of our state. Beginning today I will focus all my time and energy on winning this election.

Since Dan Maes is no longer a viable opponent today, I am challenging Mayor Hickenlooper to six one-on-one debates. My staff will gladly work with his as to the time, place, and format. I look forward to a healthy and vigorous campaign with my Democrat opponent that is in the interest of the voters of Colorado.”