Friday, September 10, 2010


Who Will Frazier Support for Governor - The Man Who No One Supports, or the Man Who Thinks Frazier is Willing to Say Anything to Be Elected?

Golden, CO – Is Ryan Frazier “Maes or Confused” about who to support for Governor in Colorado? In light of Colorado Republicans’ widespread defection from supporting their elected gubernatorial nominee, Dan Maes, and switching support to American Constitution Party candidate, Tom Tancredo, 7th CD Republican candidate Ryan Frazier faces a tough decision on who he will support for Governor in Colorado. Ryan Frazier is one of the only remaining GOP candidates who has remained silent on who he will support in the Governor’s race.

If Ryan Frazier supports Tancredo, then he’s throwing his support to someone who joins Republicans Bob Beauprez and Paul Tauer, who have serious concerns about Frazier’s qualifications to hold office, and who seem to support anyone BUT Frazier. Tancredo endorsed both of Frazier’s primary opponents, first Jimmy Lakey and then Lang Sias in the August primary for the Republican nomination for the 7th CD. It still remains unknown whether Tancredo will continue to support anyone but Ryan Frazier by endorsing a fellow 3rd Party candidate, Libertarian and arch-conservative Buck Bailey, who Tancredo seems to have more in common with.

In his endorsement of Lakey, Tancredo seemed to question Frazier’s motives for running for Congress saying, “I've often said that the most important thing to look for in a candidate is a desire to advance a conservative agenda as opposed to simply wanting to BE the elected official. Look at the candidates in the 7th and tell me which one just wants to be a congressman and will say anything to get there.?”

If Frazier supports Maes, then he is endorsing the policies of someone who’s own integrity, governing ability, and qualifications have been seriously questioned by numerous elected and formerly elected Republicans who as reported in the Denver post “abandoned their party's gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes to throw their support behind third-party candidate Tom Tancredo.”

Maes faces numerous ethical and campaign finance questions, as well as questions about his supposed career as an undercover law enforcement officer, and claims Denver’s bike-sharing program is part of a U.N. conspiracy.

Frazier, who continues to say “integrity matters” should come out and tell voters who he supports for governor. In a recent debate on “Your Show,” Frazier even said, “I can tell you integrity counts, so many people are tired of politicians and lawyers who go to Washington DC and tell us they are going to do one thing and, not, and do something else, they want people they can trust.”

Bob Beauprez and Paul Tauer have serious concerns about Frazier’s ability to be trusted to represent the 7th CD, evidenced by former Rep. Bob Beauprez’s comment in The Denver Post that Ryan Frazier “Ought to be fired, not promoted.” And Tom Tancredo has gone out of his way to endorse anyone BUT Ryan Frazier. The question now is who does Ryan Frazier trust to be Colorado’s next Governor?