Thursday, September 2, 2010


August Report: over $200,000 in Contributions

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—In a heated three-way race for Governor of Colorado, Tom Tancredo raised over $200,000 since he announced his candidacy in late July.

“I am thrilled and humbled to have the support of so many good people,” Tancredo said. “I can now say with certainty that I will have the money to win this race and that is exactly what I will do.”

Tom Tancredo threw his hat in the ring on a third party ticket after scandals plagued the Republican candidates. His announcement generated an overnight outpouring of volunteers as well as contributions.

Bay Buchanan, the Tancredo Campaign Manager, added: “The money has been steady for weeks but this last week it has been phenomenal. We expect this incredible momentum to build as more and more Coloradoans look for a candidate they can trust to say what he believes and believe what he says.”