Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bennet’s Disingenuous Spot

“It’s time to fire Michael Bennet.”

Denver, CO—In his latest spot, appointed U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is at it again—saying one thing in Colorado, but doing the opposite in Washington.
The ad, titled “Job One,” features Bennet saying that Washington is broken, and him assigning the blame to everyone but himself.

“Bennet’s latest ad is disingenuous to say the least,” said John Swartout, Buck’s campaign manager. “Since being appointed, Bennet has shown he’s nothing more than a rubberstamp for Obama and the Washington special interests. Now that he’s caught in a tough campaign, he’s trying to run away from his record.”

Bennet claims that he created jobs as a businessman, but neglected to say anything about the millions of jobs lost on his watch.

“For some reason, Bennet’s experience as a businessman hasn’t helped him save jobs, balance the budget or meet the bottom line in the U.S. Senate,” added Swartout. “It’s time to fire Michael Bennet.”