Friday, August 13, 2010

Unemployment Claims Rise, Democrats Throw a Party

Buck leads Bennet 46-41 in latest Rasmussen Reports survey

Denver, CO—As Democrats gather at the State Capitol in Denver to celebrate their record, a new report highlights the real Obama-Bennet record-- 484,000 Americans out of work, the highest number since February.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck, who is leading Bennet 46 percent to 41 percent according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released today, lamented the news--

“My first goal will be to get Americans back to work,” said Buck. “If we’ve learned anything over the past two years, it’s that dramatically increasing spending and growing our federal deficit has not created new jobs.”

In fact, Bennet rubberstamped Obama’s $787 million stimulus package without even reading the bill.

“With close to 10 percent of Americans without work, we can’t afford the Obama-Bennet policies of the last two years,” added Buck.

“Instead of hosting unity parties with the chairman of the Democratic National Party, Sen. Bennet should be in Washington trying to unify the Democratic caucus to rein in the federal spending that is prolonging our recession,” added Buck’s campaign consultant, Walt Klein.