Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tough. Fair. On Your Side.

In recent days, an important issue has come to the forefront that clearly highlights one of the defining differences between the incumbent and me. It came to light that my opponent took $10,350 from payday lender Political Action Committees (PACs), and employees of those businesses, in a 10-day span, at the same time his office was writing new regulations for that industry. My feelings about this issue are strong enough that I was prompted to tape a video on this topic. You can watch it, here.

Early in the campaign, I made clear that I would not accept money from PACs. The reason for this is simple: As your Attorney General, I will be responsible for regulating numerous businesses and professions in Colorado. I don’t want there to be any question that I am acting in the interests of anyone other than the hardworking people of this state. To take money from PACs, whose industries I might be charged with regulating, would create a potential for public doubt about my priorities.

I have called upon the incumbent to return those contributions. My efforts have gained the support of Colorado Ethics Watch, which said such contributions look like “pay-to-play,” which is an appearance “the Attorney General should avoid.” You can be confident that when I am your Attorney General, I will not put myself in this situation, and no one will have to question whether I am working for the people of Colorado, instead of big-donor, special interests.

I am running a lean campaign, one which is using a wide array of tools to get my message out to Colorado voters. If you like this video and think it carries an important message, please forward along to your family and friends.

I also urge you to visit my campaign website,, where you can sign up to volunteer or contribute. Every day, Coloradans are showing their support by sending donations big and small, from $5 to $1,050. Please join them, and show voters that they have a choice in this year’s election.