Friday, August 27, 2010

Should be given the opportunity to become citizens

Denver, CO - A Reuters/Ipsos poll of Colorado voters released this week found that 64 percent said people living in the United States illegally should be given the opportunity to become citizens if they pay a fine and have a clean criminal record.
The following is a statement of Miriam Peña, President of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition:

"The fact that voters in Colorado overwhelmingly favor sensible immigration reform with an earned pathway to citizenship should be a wake up call to politicians of all parties that Coloradans are looking for real, practical and fair solutions to immigration issues, not the status quo or more laws like AZ SB-1070.

"This sample of the electorate shows that 64% of voters in Colorado want law abiding undocumented residents to have the opportunity to become citizens after paying a fine and taxes. This is the solution that CIRC and our members have been demanding from Congress, and we are proud to see that Coloradans stand strong for this principled approach, and reject harmful enforcement-only policies that do not work.

"This Reuters poll should embolden those elected officials who want to support comprehensive immigration reform, but are afraid to do so. In fact, contrary to the conventional 'tough on immigration' rhetoric already flaring up this election season, it appears Colorado voters are prepared to punish those who don't have the courage and leadership to support real and meaningful immigration reform, and support those who do."