Monday, August 23, 2010

Bennet Campaigns with Washington Union Boss; Ignores Voters

Why won’t Bennet tell Colorado where he stands on Card Check legislation?

Denver, CO—Appointed U.S. Senator Michael Bennet campaigned with AFL-CIO union boss Liz Shuler today, while Republican candidate Ken Buck rallied volunteers in Denver and Arapahoe County.

The visit is payback for Bennet’s rubberstamp support of the union agenda--

Bennet supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, favors cap-and-trade legislation, Obamacare and voted for countless spending measure that came across his desk, sending another 500,000 Americans to the unemployment lines last week.

Bennet started rubberstamping the union agenda immediately after being appointed. In fact, Bennet’s first vote after being appointed senator was against an amendment that banned discrimination of workers who did not want to join a union.

“It’s outrageous, “said John Swartout, Buck’s campaign manager. “Bennet has sided with unions and Obama over Colorado’s small businesses and families ever since he was appointed.”

Swartout pointed out that Bennet has refused to tell Coloradans where he stands on job killing legislation like Card Check.

“What do the union bosses know about Michael Bennet that we don’t?” asked Swartout. “Colorado’s small businesses and workers shouldn’t be ignored. They deserve to know where their senator stands on job killing measures like Card Check.”

Swartout added that Bennet’s refusal to take a stand on Card Check highlights a bigger problem with Washington and Bennet—

“Right now, we have an appointed senator who is ignoring the people of this state. The choice should be a no brainer—Bennet can rubberstamp another job killing bill, or stand up for Colorado’s families and small business owners.”

Swartout points out that Buck opposes Card Check and has been open about his priorities--

“Ken’s top goals are to rein in spending and create jobs. Most importantly, Ken will side with Colorado’s grassroots, not be a rubberstamp for Washington’s special interests.”