Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AMNESTY! Norton Calls Amnesty an “Interesting Option”

Jane Norton continues reckless attacks in last ditch effort to save campaign

Denver, CO—Is there no level to which a desperate campaign will stoop? Apparently not for Jane Norton. Norton’s latest charge-- lying about Ken Buck’s position on immigration is not only reckless, but it’s false.

Nine independent fact checks (Channel 9, Channel 7, Fox 31 and CBS 4) have proven that Norton has no problem lying in her advertisements. In this latest attack against Ken Buck on illegal immigration, she’s at it again, and once again she goes too far.

The fact is, Ken Buck has spent the last year laying out his three-point plan for the illegal immigration problem. It’s one of the reasons why all the independent polls show Ken surging ahead.

Buck’s plan is to first secure the borders. Second, create an efficient guest worker program. Third, no amnesty. People who are here illegally must return to their country of origin and apply for legal immigration status to return to this country.

And no last minute lies from the Norton campaign can change those facts.

So, why would Norton make such a reckless charge at the last minute? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Norton has invited Sen. John McCain, the architect of the failed McCain Amnesty Plan, to come to Colorado to try and raise more money for his favorite candidates failing campaign.

But even her chief establishment sponsor, John McCain, can’t save Jane from herself. However, he is sure to be pleased when he hears that only one candidate in this U.S. Senate race to flip over to his side on amnesty is Jane Norton.

In a recent interview on Colorado Public Radio, Jane Norton was asked directly if illegal immigrants who are here should be deported, Norton said:

“One of the suggestions is that they do 30 days community service. I think it’s an interesting option.”

Requiring 30 days community service as a pathway to legal status for people in our country illegally may be an “interesting option” for Jane Norton, but it is nothing more than an amnesty plan.

“In the closing days, we can’t respond to all of Norton’s reckless charges, but this most recent attack is a new low, even for Norton’s ‘all negative, all the time campaign,’” said Buck consultant Walt Klein.