Saturday, August 21, 2010

7th Congressional District Candidates Views

The three candidates for the 7th Congressional District: Democrat Ed Perlmutter, Republican Ryan Frazier and Libertarian Buck Bailey views on the issues of the recovery/stimulus money and Immigration:

On recovery stimulus money

Bailey: "It's not the government's business to provide jobs. It's the government's business to provide the environment for us to pursue our jobs . . . ."

Frazier: "We can argue about how many jobs we've saved or created, but the reality is this: If you talk to people in the 7th Congressional District, they will tell you very clearly they are concerned about the future, not just for themselves but for their children. . . . "

Perlmutter: "In the 7th District alone, there are 13 transportation construction projects employing some 5,000 people. . . . We are investing for the future. That's what our families want."

On Immigration

Frazier: "The whole reason Arizona did what it did was because previous Republican and Democratic administrations and this Congress, of which Perlmutter is a part of, failed to do its job. It's time we have a Congress who will actually take the steps required to secure our borders. . . . Amnesty is not the answer. What is the answer is to enforce our laws."

Perlmutter: "If people are paying taxes, haven't committed crimes, are learning English and want to be productive members of society, there's got to be a path toward legalization. . . . "

Bailey: "It's impossible to secure borders. . . . The real problem here is that governments at all levels are giving citizenship privileges . . . to the illegal people who are here."