Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visit the Mudroom to Learn the Truth About the Attacks on our Campaign!

They say it takes four positive ads to offset one negative ad. That means we have to work four times as hard as our opponents to run the positive and honest campaign that Coloradans deserve.

We need your help to spread the truth when we come under attack. To make it easy, we've launched The Mudroom!

And we need your help right now to set the record straight on our jobs plan -- click here to tell your friends the truth!

Just like the room in your home, The Mudroom is a place where you can come, kick off your muddy shoes, wash off the dirt and get back to what really matters: putting Coloradans back to work and strengthening our economy.

These days, negative attacks and distortions can come from anywhere, and we need to be ready to respond at a moment's notice.

When this happens to our campaign, we'll send up a "mud signal"…or a "mud alert"... or a... well we haven't worked out what we're going to call them yet. But the point is, we'll let you know when we've been attacked so you can use The Mudroom to tell everyone you know the truth.

We're not going to fling mud at our opponents, but there is no doubt we're going to defend ourselves when people try to distort our record.

So click here, come on in, kick off the mud, and help spread the truth about our campaign's plan to put Coloradans back to work!