Monday, July 26, 2010


On Ken Buck’s Most Recent Caught-on-Tape Moment

Denver, CO – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton issued the following statement in response to her opponent Ken Buck’s recent caught-on-tape moment:

Good afternoon.

We are entering the final stretch of the primary election contest in this the most important U.S. Senate contest in Colorado in many, many years.

At issue is our very Republic itself. I’ve said it before: our country is in jeopardy. Reckless spending, runaway entitlements, politicians who are spending America to the brink of bankruptcy. In 2010 the voters of this state will decide whether to throw the brakes on Barack Obama’s runaway big government train.

Of course, before the ultimate contest against the Democrats, Republicans must decide which horse to ride. Thousands of Coloradans have already cast their votes – and tens of thousands more will this week – in the run-up to August 10.

Even as Republicans begin to make their choice known, very real questions about the temperament and integrity of my opponent have arisen.

The Ken Buck “on camera” seems to be a very different person than the Ken Buck “caught on” camera.

First, after standing on a stage with Tom Tancredo, Ken was caught on microphone trashing Tancredo. Ken claims to be a Tancredo true-believer when the big lights are on. Apparently Ken Buck feels differently when he thinks – wrongly in this case – that no one is listening.

Then, Ken Buck told a group of conservatives last week that they should vote for him because he quote “does not wear high heels” – a sophomoric statement not befitting a campaign intern, much less a man aspiring to be one of 100 U.S. Senators. That quote, too, was caught on tape in an unguarded moment.

And today we learn that Ken Buck – the self-proclaimed standard bearer for grassroots activists – doesn’t think very highly of tea partiers either.

My opponent has given more profanity-laced tirades than he has specifics on reforming our unaffordable system of entitlements.

Ken Buck’s childish insults about tea partiers once more raise the question: exactly who is Ken Buck, and can we really trust him? And just as pointedly, does Ken Buck have the temperament and character to be a United States Senator?

I’ve said this frequently over the last several weeks: character and integrity matter.

This much you can be sure of: Jane Norton is the same Jane Norton when the cameras are on or off.

With Ken Buck, the picture is much less clear. In the closing hours of this primary, there seem to be two very different images of Ken Buck emerging: the Ken Buck who pretends to be a breath of fresh air when he’s on camera, and the other Ken Buck who sounds like more of the same when he’s caught on camera.

Norton has earned the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Conservative Union PAC, the Family Research Council Action PAC, the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund, and the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.