Sunday, July 18, 2010

Michael Bennet Continues Fight Against Business as Usual in Washington

Washington -- While thousands of Coloradans are working to get back on their feet in a tough economy, some in the U.S. Senate are once again content to take a break.
After a month of negotiations and votes, an effort to extend unemployment insurance to those most in need has been stalled by the same worn out political games that too often delay progress.

The Colorado Independent has comments from Michael criticizing the partisan obstructionism that is grinding the Senate's business to a halt:

"With so many pressing issues facing this nation, the American people see more gridlock, more political games, more bickering. The problem has gotten so bad that the Senate can't even reach agreement to vote on important issues, or in some cases, even to debate them."

"No vote on unemployment insurance and tax cuts. Blocked from voting on a small business jobs bill."

"The Senate cannot even get agreement to vote on Wall Street reform after the big Wall Street banks sent our economy tumbling into the worst recession since the Great Depression. Even something as simple as giving subpoena power to investigate the oil spill in the gulf is halted by one unknown Senator who has placed a ‘secret hold' on it. The problem is not merely having too few votes to pass legislation, it's also getting Senators to agree to even debate the issues."