Thursday, July 15, 2010

GOP Power Brokers Seek To Manipulate the Primary

by the Colorado Democratic Party

DENVER – As the controversy surrounding Former Congressman Scott McInnis' admittance of plagiarism continues to unfold, Republican power brokers attempt to influence the primary. In response, Pat Waak, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party released the following statement:
"Candidates come and go, but the democratic process endures. And even if candidates for high office are shown to lack integrity, the integrity of the ballot is -- or should be -- important to every one of us regardless of party affiliation.

"That is why I am concerned about reports that an effort may be underway to replace disgraced gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis, with a stand-in who would be able to collect his primary votes in the upcoming August 10 primary. Whether he stays in the race or not, elites in the Republican Party are trying to circumvent the will of their own party faithful to taint the integrity of the primary ballot. That may be useful to them in this election, but Colorado voters will have to live with the consequences of that action and it would create a disgraceful precedent that is not only the worst kind of back-door deal-making, it would make Colorado look like Florida did in 2000.

"Common sense and a fair reading of the law in Colorado must prevail. If Scott McInnis steps down that is his decision, but the Republican Party Assembly has already made clear that Dan Maes is the top-line candidate on the primary ballot and hence, there is no vacancy to fill. We intend to put a big spotlight on what the Republican Party elites and power brokers do manipulate the primary ballot, including any efforts to force Dan Maes off the ballot. McInnis has shown that he lacks the integrity to hold office. It's unclear whether Dan Maes has the integrity it will take to say "no" to any back-room political deal."