Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Former Reagan National Security Advisor Endorses Ryan Frazier for Congress

Richard V. Allen says Colorado needs Frazier’s experience

Wheat Ridge, CO – Former Naval Intelligence member, and candidate for the 7th Congressional District, Ryan Frazier has been endorsed by former National Security Advisor, and Colorado resident, Richard V. Allen. Allen was Ronald Reagan’s Chief Foreign Policy Advisor, from 1977 to 1980, before becoming his first National Security Advisor upon his election as President of the United States. He is now a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a fellow at Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute.

“Ryan Frazier is a 21st Century leader with the national security experience and ideas to defend our global leadership in education, science and technology, and defense,” Richard V. Allen said. “He is clear and decisive on border security – critically essential for our safety.”

While in the Navy, Frazier was assigned to the National Security Agency as a Senior Operations Controller. He led a team of intelligence analysts, and reporters, responsible for a high-priority mission critical to national security. Frazier believes securing our porous borders and enforcing our immigration laws are vital to national security – a belief that earned him the endorsement of Reagan’s National Security Advisor.

“I know and admire Ryan’s fine record of service to our country,” Allen concluded. “Ryan Frazier really gets it and, as Colorado residents, we need him representing this great state and its vital interests in Washington.”