Thursday, July 22, 2010

First ‘High Heels,’ Now Norton Anti-Gun?

Desperation Abounds in the Land of Ken Buck

Denver, CO – Today the campaign for conservative U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Norton shot back at a gun organization with close ties to Ken Buck after the organization said that Jane Norton was acting like Sarah Brady, the author of the anti-gun Brady Bill.
Buried in the email blast below an outrageous headline was this important fact: Jane Norton has a 100% ranking with the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association (RMGO), the organization that is attacking her. Norton has also been endorsed by a number of leading Second Amendment advocates, including the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition in Colorado Springs.

The Norton campaign said the comments from RMGO likening Norton to Brady were "totally absurd" because Norton told the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in a candidate questionnaire that she is opposed to the federal Brady Bill and a host of other federal gun restrictions. Norton completed the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners survey with answers that were 100% pro-gun. Norton has also come out in opposition to the nomination of Elena Kagan based in part on Kagan's record on gun rights.

"Ken Buck's allies are trying to divert attention away from the mushrooming “high heel-gate,” and it's as obvious as a .50 cal on a Nordstrom's shoe rack. Here's the truth: Jane is 100% pro-gun. Period. Organizations that claim to advocate for the Second Amendment should stick to defending gun rights and not shill for their buddies."

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association attacked Norton for making an issue of the reprimand that a Republican U.S. Attorney gave to Ken Buck for subverting the prosecution of Gregory Golyansky, who was convicted of weapons charges in federal court. Golyansky was previously implicated in a shooting outside his pawn shop.

In endorsing Jane Norton, the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition said: “Jane Norton has long been a principled conservative leader in this state, and she is a rock-solid supporter of our Second Amendment rights. After hearing her speak, PPFC members voted overwhelmingly to back Jane in her bid to unseat Governor Ritter's appointed Senator. You can bet Jane Norton will vote for gun rights because she believes in the Second Amendment...”