Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enough is enough

McInnis has misrepresented his record on key issues, engaged in a campaign of falsehoods related to the state's economy and energy industry, and now has been shown to be an academic fraud: accused of offenses that could result in disbarment as an attorney, and would--at least--have gotten any of us expelled from college. McInnis has proven that he cannot be trusted, and isn't qualified to serve as governor.

The Speaker of the Colorado House, the President of the Colorado Senate, and the Denver Post have all called for McInnis to withdraw from the gubernatorial race.

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Stealing the work of a Colorado Supreme Court Justice in order to falsely represent himself as a "water expert," McInnis has been shown by The Post's investigation to have copied page after page verbatim, making token changes to other portions, then turning in the essays as his own work--work for which McInnis was paid $300,000 over a two-year period (Denver Post, 7/13/2010). McInnis at first attempted to place the blame on a 'researcher,' who has since denied any responsibility for McInnis' plagiarism (Glenwood Springs Post-Independent, 7/14/2010).

McInnis can't escape this scandal: he can't blame a 'researcher' for work he submitted as solely his own, and he can't merely say the work "should be been attributed." Even if you attribute, you can't just copy page after page of someone else's work. What's more, to change only a few words indicates intentional dishonesty--not an unintentional mistake. And regardless, once McInnis accepted $300,000 for work he knew was not his own, there was no going back.

Colorado deserves better than Scott McInnis. Our children deserve a role model they can look up to, not a fake who steals the work of true scholars and passes it off as his own. It is time for Scott McInnis to step aside.

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