Sunday, July 25, 2010

Denver Mayor Rolls Out “Jobs for Bureaucrats” Plan

Releases Obama-like Model of More Government, Little Action
Ignores Effect of Tax Hikes He Refused To Fight

Scott McInnis, Republican candidate for Governor, today commented on the Democrat Denver Mayor's "Jobs for Bureaucrats" strategy.
"Today, the Democrat candidate for Governor released a typical Democrat approach to job creation: layers of bureaucracy, an extended process of meetings and task forces, and a commitment to expand government programs. Bringing an Obama-style playbook to Colorado won't score points for jobs, small business or working families. The Democrats have a tendency to confuse activity with accomplishment," McInnis said.

"While it is good to see the Mayor admit that action is needed, his record doesn't match the rhetoric. When companies in Colorado begged for leadership to prevent job-killing tax increases, the Mayor ducked, dodged and ran for cover. I asked him to join me in a bipartisan effort to stop these tax increases that companies throughout the state said would cost jobs and stifle expansion. He ignored their warnings. Some of the tax hikes passed by just one vote and leadership by the Mayor could have stopped them cold."

He stressed that tax increases, and anti-jobs tax policies, such as have been in place in Denver, contribute to deepening economic troubles.

In contrast, McInnis said that direct action in rolling back the recent tax increases, rewriting punitive regulations that sent jobs to other states and heeding warnings from businesses before damage is done is the kind of practical, real-world plan that will jump-start job creation.

McInnis noted that one published report earlier this week noted that Hickenlooper has been "both for and against" rolling back the tax increases. He said that companies around the country want the Colorado Governor to be clear, decisive, consistent and predictable, not an inconsistent bureaucrat-in-chief.