Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bennet Joins Romanoff, Will Back Fair Elections

U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff welcomed his opponent's decision to support the Fair Elections Now Act -- a measure Romanoff himself endorsed six months ago. Sen. Bennet's decision came yesterday, a few hours after Romanoff held a press conference to renew his call for FENA's passage.

"Better late than never," Romanoff said. "I welcome Sen. Bennet's words. Now it's time to take action: Return the million dollars you've taken from special-interest groups. Stop taking any more."

Romanoff was the first candidate in Colorado's Senate race to refuse contributions from political action committees. He remains the only candidate in this race -- and one of the few in America -- to have taken this step.

FENA: The Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752) levels the playing field for candidates running for the US Senate. It allows federal funds to qualified campaigns who choose to participate. In addition, among other provisions, FENA requires public debates before elections and provides vouchers for advertising.